Rio Carnaval 2014 Samba Parade Império da Tijuca

March 6th, 2014 No comments

Below you can watch the performance of Samba School Imperio de Tijuca in Rio Carnaval 2014. The samba school performed as the first in the carnaval in 2014.

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Witness the longest music festival Splashy Fen – organized in South Africa from April 5-9, 2012

January 25th, 2013 No comments

In fact, Splashy Fen in South Africa is about the outdoor thrilling music experience where thousands of people gather to celebrate the music festival. They gather in KwaZulu-Natal near Underberg and it generally is organized near to the dates of Ester every year. The official website of this occasion has already announced the sale of tickets to book your travel more safely. You will be enjoying there the fantasy of longest music carnival in South Africa, sleeping in the lap of Drakensberg Mountains. It is not only about the musical feats that will attract you rather you will be pleased to witness enjoying outdoor activities.

You may further book your trip into the nearby wilderness or you may play laser-tag. Every person has something in special which can be enjoyed here at Splash Fen. You will be attracted towards the basic amenities and facilities such as fresh & clean food stalls, swimming areas, bars and toilets. The entire family will make a pleasant trip while lightning and music will entertain you. It is going to be held from April 5-9, 2012 on this Ester weekend. It will certainly prove to be the best accommodation and camping options for you in life apart from music!

“The strong beer festival” – Get the real taste of strong beer at Starkbierzeit in Germany – March 2012

January 21st, 2013 No comments

Also called the “The strong beer festival”, the Starkbierzeit refers to the entertainment festival which covers the days of March every year in Germany, especially in Munich. The local people take a break for two weeks and carve out for their favorite beverages and the party is thrown in the beer halls with noise and drum beats. The local people also refer it to as the ‘Fifth season’. The roots of this festival can be dated back to the age of Paulaner monks who started making extra-strength beverage in order to sustain for their Lenten fast. Being more interesting, some of the earliest names of this strong drink were ‘Gentlemen’s beer’, ‘Holy father oil’ and ‘Liquid bread’. At the last, it was called as Salvator.

The concept of Starkbierzeit has not been much publicized which is really good for the locals in Germany. If you want to join the party, the only thing which you will need to bring with you is a facial sweet smile, heavy appetite and lust for the strong beer. It is the perfect time to enjoy the fervor, variety and pride of culture, traditions and colors of Bavaria. You will be just needed to book a hotel room and have dining with your family for the coming few days this month in March 2012.

Honen (Hounen) Matsuri Penis festival to be held on 15th March 2012 in Komaki, Japan

January 17th, 2013 No comments

Festival of fresh harvest, productivity and fertility, it may sound strange to many a people but it is about the celebration for a new and fresh harvest in Japan. It is celebrated in the name of Chiwana Matsuri or Penis Fertility Festival or Honen (Hounen) Matsuri Festival in the spring time. Every year, people throng the streets on March 15 in a town called Komaki. A less traditional penis festival is also organized in the country which is known as Kawasaki Penis Festival but is comparatively less popular. In fact, Honen means prosperity which implies for the rich harvest and Matsuri reflects the sense of festivity in Japanese. In the north of Nagoya City, Komaki remains the attraction point for the local people and also for the tourists.

You can easily witness the sound of musical instruments played by Shinto priests. The top features of the Honen Penis Festival are 2.5 meter long and 280 kg phallus; ceremonially garbed participants joining the parade and great mood of celebration. According to the tradition, the wooden phallus is carried to Tagata Jinja from Kumano-sha Shrine or Shinmei Sha in odd numbered and even numbered years respectively. You can enjoy drinking sake which is served in wooden barrels and all types of souvenirs and foods are available there.