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Monkey Buffet Festival

Monkey Buffet Festival is held in Thailand on the last Sunday of the month of November each year in the Lopburi town at the temple of Pra Prang Sam Yot. The festival is held to honor Rama, the Hindu god, who rewarded his monkey friend Hanuman with the control of the kingdom of the present Lopburi province which is in the north of Bangkok.

In this festival, monkeys from all over the province, approximately 600 in number, gather for eating fruits and vegetables, more than 2000 kg. They are the guest of honor when they climb over and steal the food. Best chefs of Thailand prepare a massive buffet, a traditional feast where apart from fruits and vegetables, drinks, ice creams, sodas are elaborately spread for the monkeys. Visitors offer food to monkeys, with the belief that by doing so, the monkeys would bring luck and fortune to them and increase their good karma. The monkeys attract a large number of tourists with their charming antics. They climb the walls of shrines and the back of the tourists, pulling their hair.

The monkeys are amusing to watch, attracting people, locals as well as the foreign visitors to this fun-filled festival which is one of the most lavish and photogenic feast where apart from food and enjoyment, Thai dancers exhibit their traditional dance. Monkey Buffet Festival is a grand feast and celebration when the monkeys enjoy themselves. This festival is held in order to promote tourism.

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