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Sao Paulo Brazil Carnival 2011

Sao Paulo carnival will be held from March 4-6 at the Anhembi Sambadrome in Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is situated in Southeastern Brazil. The Sao Paulo carnival is a great party and a fantastic alternative to the Rio carnival due to cheaper tickets and also less tourist atmosphere.

There is a performance all night by the samba schools of the city in Sambadrome where they compete for much-sought after samba awards. It is a lavish live spectacle where the devotees of samba can experience the spirit of the carnival in a truly Brazilian style. A huge number of cheering fans attend the event featuring new themes, costumes as well as dances. Sao Paulo’s samba is characterized by a heavier and a distinct style of percussion rhythm called in jest the ‘samba do trabalho’, which means ‘samba of work.’

The carnival parade in the Sambodrome is a huge party with singing, dancing along with cheering. A huge number of Brazilian visitors dance to sounds of drums of Sao Paulo. There are smiles on people faces and the night is a great enjoyment with lots of excitement. One can also enjoy blocos, street parades. The festival is held over a weekend. The carnival draws a huge number of visitors from all parts of the world who participate enthusiastically in the carnival celebrations.

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    Carnival is approaching! I’m getting a little excited!

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